My Opinions on Online dating/chatting

I’ve always wondered why Online dating has been so popular in today’s society. I feel like its become way more easy for people to meet other people without having to meet in person. I think its very hard to say which is better meeting in person or online. Everyone has their own opinion on it but everyone can also see how much times have changed from before until now through ways of communication and other sources of talking to someone. I feel it could have been easier without technology in that way that People can still have their “awkward cute moments” It’s easy to see technology has taken some of that in a way that it Kind of has taken the “romance” out of some things. We all go through those awkward times with first date, first kiss that emotion sometimes doing things online takes out that emotion.

I’ve always wondered how different things would be without phones without technology. The communication between people would be so different I believe that there would probably be less drama and less anxiety for some. I feel we would never have to wonder who is being truthful and who isn’t. We wouldn’t spend hours of our time on social media or getting into random problems that probably would have never existed because people might not have said what they did online, and even if they did the outcome might not have been as bad.

Being online can help someone find the things that they might have felt they needed to and there are so many sites to meet new people now making it easier for someone to communicate and make new friends without having the trouble of finding that in real life or time. I think its good to have that for some who may have insecurities and are better at talking on

The only major downside I see to social media is more drama, more of everyone’s attention is going to social media and it seems like they forget more about what is happening in there daily lives. I’ve seen more changes in people every time something new comes out. We might be seeing more online we may also be missing important things in our lives.

Some people may not see any down sides to using anything social media wise or anything electronic and gaming systems as well. People tend to distance themselves from others when these things get in the way.

In the past I myself had distanced away from everyone to get away from problems and that had lead me to using sites like meet me, imvu, zwinky, habbo, any chatting sites just to talk to anyone and it was easier because you have someone there even when you least expect it. From using those sites it made it easier for me to meet other people even if it was just to make new friends sometimes in life it is harder for some to make and keep friends.

I feel being online is a good way to meet new people that you may have never talked to before and have that experience in chatting with people that may have the same interests in common as you do and sometimes when it can lead to things such as dating or good friendships.

The only bad thing about meeting some people is you never really truly know who is on the other end so you have to know when to be careful and when you don’t have to be.



Breastfeeding in public Right or wrong?

Now I know this has been a touchy subject for some on social media, but truth is why waste the time on fighting about it there is always gonna be some people opposed to it and some people all for it (like most things on the internet).  Most comments I have seen on Facebook or twitter have been either negative or positive about this subject. Everyone has their own opinions but has some of this gone to far in the matter? There has been so many times were something about breastfeeding or anything else that has had swearing in the post and had been reported by someone.  I don’t think that anyone should be reported because something they say has offended someone because of their own opinions. There was also a video I had watch that was shared on Facebook where a guy had set this up where there was a model and then there was a woman breastfeeding a baby. They had the model sit on a bench to see what kind of responses they would get and then after they would have the woman breastfeeding the baby sit on a bench to see how different the responses were. When the model had sat on the bench nobody really paid attention at first until one guy sat down next to her and it looked like he was trying to flirt with her. They went onto the woman breastfeeding the baby and she got dirty looks or comments like “ew that’s disgusting” or “come on do that somewhere else”. The only person who didn’t say anything bad to her was a pregnant woman who talked about her pregnancy. For the last part of the video they decided to put the model and the woman next to each other to see what responses they would have had after that. The responses were still negative to the woman breastfeeding and not to the model. One guy had said that it was disgusting and she should be doing that somewhere else. They had made the point that he had said nothing to the model but said that it was disgusting for someone to breastfeed in public. After I had watched that video it really led me to believe That the reason some people are like this is because women are to over sexualized in society. When I say that it’s just because of the fact that with porn out there, and things like cosmo and other magazines that focuses on women and their bodies, because of that I feel like people think seeing that stuff is more normal than a woman breastfeeding her baby in public. In my opinion woman should be able to breastfeed their children in public because it is natural and its not for show or attention its for the baby I doubt anyone really thinks about that and most the time.  Most of the time people only think about how disgusting it is but the truth behind that is most of the people that are complaining about it are either guys (meaning people who cant have kids) or people who aren’t in that situation.

cosmo This cosmo cover is showing how much women are more “seen than heard”


breastfeeding pic for article and then here is the picture that most people would say how disgusting it is when it is the most natural thing in the world.

I feel that women should not get shamed for doing what comes natural and I don’t think people should have the right to say how disgusting it is for a mother doing her responsibility in taking care of her child. Society today brings out some of the worst ideas towards certain subjects. People do have their own opinions but they can also keep it to themselves it doesn’t need to be brought out into a huge argument.



How to lose a guy in 10 days vs. Reality


How to lose a guy in 10 days is one of my all time favorite movies. While it is funny it has it’s moments.It somewhat gives the impression that something like this is likely to happen but in reality  People can find and have anything they could have hoped for in the movies they watch But as some people see it teens and up (mostly women)are focusing more on the romantic side of things and aren’t really focusing on what’s important in their everyday lives such as school or family or the things they should be focusing on before committing themselves into a serious relationship. After watching some of these movies it can either make someone have really high hopes for themselves or sometimes it leaves them down in the dumps. Some girls self esteem gets lowered because of these thoughts

“why can’t that be me”, ” why can’t I ever find a guy like that” or “why can’t I look like that”.
(Girls your beautiful in your own way you shouldn’t have to think these thoughts)

Many of those thoughts run through some girls minds when they watch romance movies. Just like movies magazines can destroy a woman’s self esteem. They start to think they aren’t good enough for themselves or any one else. Its not just movies and magazines that make girls uncomfortable it’s the way other’s around them treat them because of beauty because of status because of the things they do or don’t have. Its the way that people believe that society wants women to be because of those things.


Movies like how to lose a guy tend to use women who are not only good with the roles they play but are beautiful in peoples eyes.. Kate Hudson very beautiful amazing actress… But.. Movies don’t always show the beauty that’s within they show the things that people find attractive



Its also things online and quotes that really can just bring a girl down. Most girls spend most of their lives planning their futures wanting everything to be perfect have the perfect job be the perfect wife have the perfect husband and be the perfect mother. However, ladies… Let me tell you this life isn’t perfect women aren’t perfect, men aren’t perfect either movies do portray sometimes that things are perfect but most of the time it’s also valuing the fact that anything in life can happen if you take a chance and that life has many twists and turns.


Here’s one of my favorite quotes because it proves that you can make anything that is not perfect into something that is perfect for yourself no matter how much you’ve gotten hurt because of body image or the things you believe that nobody does or failing relationships or the loss of friendships or feeling like you aren’t worth it. You aren’t always alone even if you feel that way. Try taking chances doing The things you may have never thought of doing. I’m not saying act like they do on yes man and say yes to everything because that could lead to lots of problems but every once in awhile let new people into your life trying to make New friends or helping other’s or just take a chance on life because if u don’t sometimes take a chance you could really miss out on something that could be great. Don’t be scared of getting hurt because if you ever get hurt just pick yourself back up And realize that it doesn’t matter you can find something better everyone is beautiful in their own way whether its inside or out don’t let people tell you otherwise. The point of this was to say guys are girls are both amazing in their own ways and people should see the beauty that’s within to show other people that they matter to whether Its family or friends or someone you really like don’t let other’s effect the way you feel about someone or how someone feels about you (:

Friends vs. Family; people more drawn to family

Growing up many people have their families teaching them to read, to write, how to act and behave towards others. When we reach a certain age we go to school we learn how to do those things on our own depending on our own surroundings. Many kids going into the school setting focus on both family and friends and get along with everyone. The possibility of us being younger and just learning how to do things on our own we get along with everyone because we don’t know how to completely focus our own surroundings to try and be our own person. While being in the school setting we don’t always have our families there to help us we have our friends and some of us grow up having our friends as a guidance more than family because those are the people we see in our everyday lives. When people get older they start to realize who they fit in with and possibly wanting to be more independent avoiding family not spending huge amounts of time focusing on the school setting and trying to find themselves and the people that are there to stay in their lives. Some people don’t always have the same friend group that they have had when they are younger and when things get tough for them they tend to shut everyone out, especially as teenagers and they want to be on their own. When things get tough for some people they still try to look for those close friends but when they know that comfort isn’t always there or they don’t know how to trust people, that is when people look towards cousins or siblings because they could have grown up with them and they know that comfort is always with family because they aren’t going to leave your side no matter what and that is why people are more drawn to family than their friends.